3D Printing

3D Printing Workshop for Schools

Keeping in mind the growing demand for 3D Printing professionals, NeoRobos offers 3D Printing workshop for school students. This workshop is unique because it not only teaches the ins and outs of this technology but also relates it to STEM education. This means the schools opting for it need not necessarily establish a separate STEM lab. 
The workshop is designed in such a manner that students can acquire further knowledge own on their own to become a maven of this technology. This opens up a myriad of opportunities in different industries, including medical, automobile, manufacturing, etc. They can also start their own venture by offering rapid prototyping services or by selling 3D-Printed objects. 

Eligible Grades: 3rd onwards
Duration: One-day, three-day, or ten-day workshop (2-4 hours per day) 

Learning Objectives
Through this course, students will:
●    Explore 3D-designing platforms like Tinker-CAD/Fusion
●    Learn each aspect of 3D Printing form idea to final printing 
●    Understand the applications of 3D Printing for educational purpose
●    Developing Product through brainstorming, identified possible solutions & limitations

What’s included in the workshop?

The workshop includes:
⮚    Training by industry experts
⮚    Equipment (3D Printer, Software, and filament)
⮚    Assessment
⮚    Certification to each participating student 

Connect with our 3D Printing experts today for fees, curriculum and other essential information. The schools can also upgrade to full lab. Or, simply get 3D Printers from our portal Our STEM Box.