Aeromodelling Workshop for Schools

Aeromodelling involves creation of working aircraft models and controlling them. The aeromodelling workshops by NeoRobos enables the school students get acquainted with the world of drones, gliders, and bi-planes. 

Apart from learning to code, design and fly the aircraft models, the students enhance their 21st-century skills like collaboration, creativity and problem solving. 

Eligible Grades: 4th onwards

Duration: One-day, three-day, or ten-day workshop (2-4 hours per day) 
Learning Objectives:
As a part of the workshop, the students will: 
●    Participate in interactive session on Aerodynamics and Aeronautics
●    Understand aerodynamics forces with Balsa Gliders 
●    Explore powered Bi-planes
●    Program their drones using block programming
●    Complete assignments on Aero-STEM

What’s included in the aeromodelling workshop?

The workshop includes:
⮚    Training by industry experts
⮚    Equipment (Drones, bi-planes, gliders, etc.)
⮚    Certificate to each participating student 
⮚    Assessment

Connect with our aeromodeling experts to get details fees, curriculum and other essential information. The schools can also upgrade to aeromodelling for further learning of the students.