Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence Workshop for Schools

Through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshop, NeoRobos strives to prepare a strong foundation for school students who want to make it big in the realm of this technology. 
While designing this program, the emphasis was to entice the students rather than intimidating them. This was achieved by using embedded systems and programmable robots. 

Majority of professionals courses offered across the globe are suitable mainly for college students or working professionals. Very few training programs cater to the needs of school students. AI workshop especially incepted keeping these challenges in mind. 

Eligible Grades: 6th onwards

Duration:  One-day, Three-day, or ten-day workshop (2-4 hours per day) 

Learning Objectives: 

Through this workshop, the students will learn about: 
●    Growth of AI in different verticals
●    Automation of human work through AI
●    Role of AI in autonomous vehicles
●    Framework in Python with Alexa (virtual assistant by Amazon)
●    Programming and operation of bots like Humanoid, Otto, and Robotic Arm

Benefits to the students 
●    Paves the way for future in AI 
●    Makes programming looks simpler
●    Introduces the students to the world of robotics
●    Prepare them for rapidly evolving technology

Connect with our AI experts today for curriculum, fee, and other information. The schools can further upgrade to full-time Lab based on AI Module. Or, simply purchase AI kits through our portal.