The benefits of learning to code you were unaware of

In India, an average computer programmer receives around Rs. 476,655 per year. This fact by online portal PayScale shows how programming is one of the most rewarding professions. But, we aren’t focusing on the programming as a career through this post. We will emphasize multiple skills that one can acquire after learning to code. These pointers will also give a hint on why numerous students look for coding schools in Delhi to learn to programme.

It teaches you to solve problems

A few years ago, Dr Jeannette Wing from Carnegie Mellon University predicted the role of computational thinking in real life. He said “Computational thinking will be a fundamental skill used by everyone in the world by the middle of the 21st Century. Just like reading, writing and arithmetic, it is a skill set everyone, not just computer scientists, should be eager to learn and use.” 

To write a code successfully, one needs to break down a complex problem into smaller fragments, an approach known as problem decomposition. This makes sure a task/project doesn’t look like a tough nut to crack. When this becomes a habit, a learner can apply this approach in every life situation.  In fact, one can learn a new skill or concept in a more structured manner.

Problem solving skills through coding

You start to think out of the box

One can call it an extension of the above point. While working on a code, it isn’t uncommon to get stuck somewhere in the middle. In such cases, the trainer encourages the students to think outside of the box, a skill that gives you an edge over others throughout your life.

Benefits of programming to your kids

It helps in several other professions

Not everyone who studies Maths becomes a mathematician. They learn to apply mathematics in different domains. Same way, learning to code will help you in different careers. A pipe fitter from the US described online how Python helped him in automating tasks to cut lengths related to custom radius elbows. In general, coding can be applied in fields like product development, project management, data analytics, digital marketing, and growth hacking, to name a few. A lot of job roles require you to possess critical thinking skills, something you develop with coding regularly. This way, both directly and indirectly, programming skills help you become a maven of your respective field.

A boost in Math skills

Isn’t Mathematics the most feared subject across the globe? With coding, even maths can start to look simpler. Various coding-related toys let the young minds calculate angles, develop algorithmic functions, apply conditional logic, and identify attributes & grouping variables. Not only the students learn different mathematical concepts, they understand how to apply it in real life.

Communication skills are enhanced

No, we will not talk about the questions that the students ask while learning to code. We are interested in the commands that the students give to the computers. To write a code and run it, one needs to ensure that the commands are given in a manner that is understandable to the computer. This is analogous to real-life communication in which you need to ensure that your words are understood by the other parties explicitly.

Coding improves communication

It boosts creativity

Every human mind is filled with ideas. It’s just that not everyone is able to realize the ideas and express them clearly. Coding is one such medium that lets the individuals realize the ocean of ideas present in them. The students also become familiar with how an idea can be conveyed efficiently so that it can improve their life or the lives of others.

All these benefits show that coding is not just a technical dexterity but a life skill. Perhaps the thought that coding is not easy-to-learn at small age might have popped up in your mind. Well, the STEM educational kits and toys appear as a solution to this issue. We, at NeoRobos, also deploy such kits for better learning at our coding academy in Delhi. We use educational toys like Beebot and kits like Lego WeDo and Lego NXT for this purpose. The students, as young as three years old, can learn to give commands, which is the starting point of coding. The visual programming environments used for controlling robots make sure that the students simply have to drag and drop the pre-programmed blocks present in the program.

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