As a part of our education initiatives, we have established STEAM and Robotics Clubs in different schools of India. The Clubs are different from regular classes, as they offer an optional program for the kids to enroll in depending upon their interest in a specific field. A customized curriculum is present for each category which ensures that the student gets appropriate hands-on exposure.

The kids not only become well-versed in Science or Math topics but also start applying creativity to solve the problems efficiently.

The different categories of our Club programs include:


Educational tools used:

  • Lego Kits
  • Snap Circuits

The STEAM category includes all the essential topics that form the basic foundation for the child.

Meant usually for young children, it covers everything ranging from introduction to colors, emotions, plants, animals, basics about the environment. As a part of STEAM education, the trainers also teach them about numbers, the various operations performed on them, along with the basic geometry.

Kits like Lego Duplo, Soft Bricks, Simple Machines, etc. are used for this purpose. They also learn about basic electrical circuits with the help of kits like the Snap Circuit.

Robotics Club

Educational tools used:

  • Ev3/ wedo 2.0
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry pi
  • Dexter

The robotics curriculum is designing while keeping the recent tech advances in mind. It incepts with easy-to-learn kits like Wedo that introduce the students to the simple drag and drop programming. By constructing and operating simple robots, the students get well-versed with robotic systems.

They then move on to more complex kits with much more versatile abilities and functions like Lego EV3 and NXT. Using these kits, the students learn the application of various sensors and motors in conjunction with robotic models made using Lego.

Once familiar with robotics, they are then introduced to open sourced hardware boards like Arduino and RaspberryPi, which are full of countless possibilities.

Electronics Club

Educational tools used:

  • Snap circuit
  • Open electronics

In the electronics category, the students are introduced to various aspects of electronics and electrical circuits, the various laws that guide the current and voltages and the how the various components of the circuits work. The training begins with the use of Snap Circuits electronic kits. The students then move onto Open Electronics in which they learn about the development and application of complicated circuit boards.

3D Prototyping Club

Educational tools used:

  • 3D printer
  • 3D pen

3D printing is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. To help the students get maximum opportunities in this booming field, we offer training on components of a printer, designing in CAD software, and use of materials for printing. A handheld 3D pen is also used to teach designing of simple structures.

Aeromodelling Club

Educational Tools Used:

  • Drones

Another promising field to be explored is that of drones. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), which were previously restricted to specialized fields like the military, have now been miniaturized and can be easily purchased online. Students are taught how to assemble a drone and control it via a remote control or a smartphone. In the advanced classes, they are taught how to program a drone for advanced controls and to multiply its applications.

Art & craft Club

Educational Tools Used:

  • Cutting plotter
  • Wood work

Our Art & craft clubs bring out the hidden artist in a child. To give wings to student’s creativity, various activities like cutting plotter and wood work are being introduced. The activities in these clubs revolve around some social or environmental issue or aim to solve a daily life challenge.