To inspire more students to excel in STEAM subjects and robotics, NeoRobos conducts various competitions at school and college level, each having its unique format. These STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and robotics competitions in India encourage the students to learn beyond the curriculum and acquire an innovative mindset.

STEAM Competitions

Playbotics League

Participating Grades: Nursery - Sixth

It is a two-stage competition organized to encourage physical, creative, and cognitive development of the participating students. In the preliminary stage, the students from different schools of a city’s specific region participate. The second stage is a national event in which the winners of the first stage compete.

As a part of this competition, the students need to use kits like Lego Duplo and Beebot to solve the challenge. It also involves building of models that solve real-life challenges. The prizes include cash rewards, certificates, and trophies, along with participation certificate for each student.


Participating Grades: Sixth – Ninth

It is an integrated event that involves STEAM-based competitions, along with the workshops to teach the cutting-edge technologies in demand. The participating teams build tech projects from scratch in a span of few hours to showcase their STEAM and problem solving skills. This event is also a platform to assess the knack for hands-on learning and programming skills. The challenges and workshops revolve around 21st Century skills, such as automation, robotics, mechanotronics, and electronics.

This annual event takes place at three different levels. At the regional level, various schools from a particular region of India participate. The winners of these annual regional competitions take part in the national event being held annually. The final level is an international event. Each participating student receives an appreciation certificate.

Benefits of participating in STEAM and robotics competitions:

  • Encourages the students to understand STEAM concepts and their applications
  • The students become adept problem solvers
  • Competitive spirit is instilled
  • Prizes and certificates boost the morale
  • Innovative mindset is developed
  • The fear of entrance examinations is minimized
  • The students develop interpersonal skills

We also prepare the students for several national and international-level competitions like First Lego League and RoboCup.

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