Electronics Workshop for Schools

Through its electronics workshop, NeoRobos allows school students to acquire skills related to embedded systems. The hands-on training using microcontrollers like Arduino and other equipment enables the students to apply and enhance their creativity. 

During the workshop, the students also learn to control their electronics projects through C/C++ programming. This ensures programming doesn’t look like a tough nut to crack. It also paves the way for complicated projects like home automation systems and robotic cars. 

Eligible Grades: 6th onwards

Duration: One-day, three-day, or ten-day workshop (2-4 hours per day) 
Learning Objectives
Through this electronics workshop, the school students will: 
●    Get accustomed to different Types of Microcontrollers & Sensors
●    Learn programming concepts using C and C++
●    Use a wide variety of components to make prototyping projects
●    Learn to control robots using Electrical concepts

What’s included in the workshop?

The workshop includes:
●    Training by industry experts
●    Equipment (microcontrollers, sensors, wires, software, etc.)
●    Assessment
●    Certificate to each participating student 

Contact our electronics experts for fees, curriculum and other essential information. The schools can also upgrade to Tinkering Lab (complete lab with a separate program for each grade). Or, simply get Tinkering box from our portal Our STEM Box.