How coding enhances the writing skills of a student

Anyone with basic literacy level knows that coding is one of the most essential skills today. If you have attained proficiency by enroling in coding classes, you need not struggle to find a job with a decent salary and multiple perks. In fact, there are several other domains in which you can thrive only if you possess coding-related dexterity.

But coding is more than just writing a code on a screen. A coder acquires several other skills that improve both his professional and personal life. We have already touched the additional benefits of coding in one of our previous post. Here, we will specifically focus on how a student becomes more proficient at writing by acquiring coding skills. Yes, even if your child wants to improve his/her writing skills, then also coding schools can be a starting point. Various students enrolled in coding schools of Delhi have enhanced their writing.


Let us explain it in detail in the subsequent sections.

No more blank-screen syndrome

You might be wondering: What exactly is a blank-screen syndrome. It’s when someone doesn’t know where to begin with when it comes to writing. Regular coding develops a habit of writing. The students don’t have to think too hard to start the writing process. Ideas start popping up in their mind and they express on the piece of paper or a computer screen.

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They learn the power of precision

You are a great writer if you use your words wisely. Using language imprecisely flattens the meaning, makes writing boring, and clouds the thought. The gurus of writing recommend the newbies to spend some time formulating the thoughts. This is something you can work upon by joining coding classes. A good programmer aims to get the most out of few lines. It becomes challenging for other people on the project to change or read the code if unnecessary lines are added.

Coding is equivalent to writing a story

There are a lot of similarities between crafting a story and writing code. Just like a storyteller, a programmer has to proceed in a sequential order. Similar to an author, a programmer first plans the story he/she has to tell. This involves considering the beginning, middle, and end.

If a teacher or a parent is utilizing a product like a robotic car to teach coding, then he/she can create activities that revolve around stories. For example, the car has to reach a goal as a part of a rescue operation. Such activities rewire the brain to be more creative, something inevitable in writing process.

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Coding teaches the learner to be explicit

In coding, you have to define every word by using a set of instructions. If you write something without telling the purpose, the system won’t understand it. This is analogous to writing something on a piece of paper. A reader won’t understand the purpose of something you introduced without explaining the motive. You have to provide some details and mention the purpose.

All these pointers reflect how this skill helps anyone who aspires to be a writer. At NeoRobos, when we teach coding through Beebot and similar educational robots, we ensure it is done in the easiest and fun manner. In a lot of activities, some interesting stories are used to pique the interest of the students.

If you want to know more about the benefits of learning to code, connect with one of our representatives today.


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