Integrated-STEAM Programs

With a mission of enhancing the level of STEAM education in India, NeoRobos offers yearlong integrated programs for schools across the nation. Each program includes 30-35 classes for an academic year, along with assessments.

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. A holistic teaching approach by integrating these disciplines facilitates an in-depth understanding and opens myriad of opportunities for the students. To achieve this, we offer a blended teaching methodology that involves educational kits & robotic systems, along with educational videos and PPTs. The improvements in the results of the students testify the effectiveness of these programs.

Features of our integrated STEAM programs

School curriculum-based programs

Each program we offer matches the curriculum of the grade we are teaching in. The students are able to not only clear their academic concepts but also enhance the interest related to several aspects of the STEM. We also keep in the mind the learning ability of the age group for which a program is being designed.

An immersive-learning experience

The use of educational kits and robotic systems lets the students experience the concepts rather than just reading about them. Some kits we utilize include Lego EV3 Mindstorms, Beebot, and Lego Simple Machines set.

When a textbook topic comes to life, it gets ingrained in the mind of the children forever. The use of PowerPoint presentations and educational videos further enhance the learning experience.

Year-end assessments

At the end of each year, the students are assessed to track their performance. Each student receives a comprehensive progress report with several evaluation parameters, such as critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, and self-awareness.

Workbook for students

For each grade, we have a specially designed workbook that the students use to record their learning. The concepts of each chapter are present in an easily readable manner that the students can refer to while reading.

Overall development

Learning is not just limited to topics present in the school curriculum. The programs instill traits like logical thinking, teamwork, leadership, imagination, and effective communication.

After-class learning

The learning does not end when a class concludes. We give the students an additional task that they can perform when in their home or school. It’s like the whole surrounding becomes a repository of learning.

These and numerous other features have made us one of the most reliable STEAM education solution providers in India.Here’s the grade-wise breakdown of the curriculum programs we offer in the educational institutions.

Primary level Program

For the students from nursery to class 2nd, we utilize Lego Duplo kits to make the learning fun. DUPLO or soft bricks spark the curiosity and imagination of the kids. Using such kits ensure the students soak the new information like a sponge. Robotic cars like Beebot and Probot introduces the kids to the world of programming.

These kits are utilized to teach:

  • The Concepts of EVS (such as plant and animal kingdom)
  • Elementary programming that includes giving commands to a machine
  • Arithmetic concepts like addition and subtraction
  • Basic geometrical concepts such as lines and rays.

Middle Level Program

The students from the class third to class sixth are introduced to crucial concepts of science and mathematics like force, motion, and electronic circuits. The working models using kits like Lego Simple and Powered Machines and Snapcircuit simplify the learning process. The terminology used is simplified to avoid any hurdle while understanding.

The students learn about:

  • Both simple and complex machines
  • Science concepts like energy, force, motion, weight & balance.
  • Measurement and calibration while performing experiments
  • Electronic circuits using Snapcircuits

Senior Level Program

As the topics become complex in senior level classes (seventh to ninth), we deploy robotic kits so that learning becomes a piece of cake. The emotional and intellectual appeal these kits offer makes them the most effective educational tool.

The senior level programs help acquire knowledge of:

  • Types and law of forces
  • Trigonometric concepts
  • Concepts like linear and circular motion
  • Working and engineering applications of pulleys and pulley systems

Senior Secondary Level Program

The use of robotic ensures that students don’t find STEAM subjects a tough nut to crack. Rather than pushing them too hard to learn, the concept is made so exciting that they get pulled towards it.

Some major concepts taught in this program include:

  • Applications of data logging
  • Measuring techniques used for electronics
  • Logic Gates
  • Advanced programming concepts

Connect with us today to get the details of the integrated STEAM programs we offer for the educational institutions.