NeoRobos conducted Robotics workshop for the Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School students

New Delhi 

11th July 2018 was not a regular day for the students of Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Vivek Vihar. Instead of learning some random topic through their textbook, the students performed hands-on activities to explore multiple concepts of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

The occasion was the STEM and Robotics workshop organized in Delhi by the team of NeoRobos, in association with NGO Behna. With Mr Ram Niwas Goel, AAP MLA from Shahdara, and Deputy Director of Education from Vivek Vihar, as the chief guests, the workshop involved learning through the robotics equipment and STEM-based kits.

The construction, programming, and control of the robots were some of the key highlights. The working of sensors that a robot uses to detect the changes in the environment was also part of the session. This was demonstrated through the ‘Line Follower’ module, in which the robot uses the sensors to follow a black line printed on a mat.


While working on different kits, the students learned Physics-related concepts like speed. They understood how we can apply the mathematical formulae and concepts in different areas. As a part of these activities, the students also acquired the skills like teamwork, problem solving, and communication.

The other attendees, including the chief guests and the school’s faculty, also tried their hands on the kits to get an idea of how experiential learning helps the students.

Mr Nishant Jain, the co-director of NeoRobos, explained the idea behind using robotics in education. He mentioned how creativity and logical thinking can be enhanced by this approach. Mrs Himani Jain, the co-director of NeoRobos , explained how the  learning process among the young children and the adults is entirely different.


Towards the end, some students shared their experiences by telling what they learned and how the workshop was different from the regular teaching. One of the students mentioned that it doesn’t matter whether you are totally correct while working on specific task. She also told that the students need not take the stress of doing everything the right way; the thing that matters is how you apply your creativity and what you learn during the process.  

With more such workshops in the future, NeoRobos aims to spread the STEM literacy among the school students. Event Details at a glance:

Event: STEM and Robotics workshop

Attendees: Students and the faculty of Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Vivek Vihar

Chief Guest: Mr. Ram Niwas Goel, MLA from Shahadara Constituency

Date: 11th July 2018

Organizers: NeoRobos and NGO Behena

Technical Skills learned by the students: Coding, basic-level robotics, working of sensors

Soft skills learned by the students: Communication, problem solving, leadership, teamwork

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