Rapid Prototyping

We deliver Rapid Prototyping education in India to those who want to learn the fundamentals of 3D printing or aero modeling. The hands-on training we offer is the perfect starting point if you plan to make a career in such technologies.

3D Printing

Entering the field of 3D printing is the most challenging stage for those who want to make it big in this booming industry. Even though a lot of information is present online, most of it is disorganized. To solve this challenge, Neorobos offers training in 3D printing techniques in India.

In our 3D printing training, we cover all the major aspects of this technology from designing to the printing of the final product. Through hands-on training, the students learn about:

  • Components of a 3D printer
  • Types of material
  • Designing in CAD software
  • Suitable file types
  • Handling errors while working on a 3D printer
  • And everything in-between

We also teach the use of 3D pens that is applied to create simple, three-dimensional structures.

Acquiring the skills related to 3D printers can open up a lot of opportunities. One can choose 3D CAD modeling, scientific modeling, construction modeling, and research & development. As the demand for 3D printing experts will augment in future, there is also a promising career as a trainer. Or, you can become an entrepreneur by designing something innovative.

Therefore, if you, too, are seeking 3D printing training courses in India, you know where to contact.

Aero Modeling

Some career choices in which drones can be vital include wildlife conservation, search and rescue, journalism, property management, cinematography, meteorology and logistics. After completing the training, you can also get a promising job as a drone pilot. Enrolling in the aero modeling course in India is indeed a right investment, career-wise.

An aerial shot taken by a drone

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