Robotics & Coding

Robotics and Coding Workshop for Schools

NeoRobos offers robotics and coding workshop that comprises teaching of coding by utilizing programmable floor robots, educational robotic kits, and other resources. 

Exploring robotic kits gives the learners a chance to observe the application of programming instantly. The programming concepts get ingrained in the mind forever. Even the students from elementary grades can learn the coding skills through this approach. A team of dedicated trainers with industrial expertise conduct workshops. 

Eligible Grades: 1st onwards
Duration: One-day, three-day, or ten-day workshop (2-4 hours per day) 

Learning objectives:
As a part of this workshop, the students will:

●    Explore Coding literacy based on STEAM disciplines
●    Learn coding through pre-programmed blocks (Elementary and primary grades)
●    Learn coding in C/C++ (secondary and senior secondary)
●    Explore wide range of robotics kits at k-12 level
●    Understand and work with technology around them
●    Enhance computational and problem solving skills
●    Be able to participate in robotics competitions

What’s included in the Robotics and Coding workshop?

The workshop includes:
⮚    Training by industry experts
⮚    Equipment (Programmable floor robots, Lego kits, coding bots, etc.)
⮚    Certificate to each participating student 
⮚    Assessments

Upgrade to robotics and coding lab if you are looking for in-depth training of your students. Connect with us today for fees, course structure, and all other information.