Is robotics the next trillion-dollar opportunity?


Around four years ago, the popular futurist speaker Thomas Frey published an article discussing the industries that will produce the first trillionaires. In this list, the robotics was one of the major industries, along with human cloning and energy storage.

With numerous industries investing billions in robots in the present era, it looks we need not wait for decades for this to happen. The news like the founder of Japan-based cyborg-robot maker Cyberdyne, Yoshiyuki Sankai, joining the list of billionaires shows that the age of robotics has emerged.

This is the reason that the students from India, too, seek the opportunities for robotics training in Delhi and other cities of India.


Let’s explore the reasons why robotics can be a chance to become a trillionaire.

Applications of robots will expand

Currently, the robots are being used in the medical sector, security, manufacturing industries, and even retail. In the upcoming years, we are expected to witness a new wave of applications that will be completely different from what we have already seen. We might soon have telepresence robots that can be present in remote areas on behalf (like your stand-in). Such robots can enable the business travellers to save money and time. The surge of microbots is also expected soon. Microbots or micro-sized robots can be present in dangerous environments for emergencies or research purposes.


Smart collaborative robots are gaining popularity

Due to dynamically changing market, the production facilities and other sectors need robots that evolve with time. This is becoming possible with the emergence of collaborative robots. These smart robots come with numerous sensors and other technologies that help meet the demands of different industries worldwide. With the decrease in the prices of these robots and increase in the durability, they are expected to become the part of smaller factories, too. And this means a promising opportunity for those who are working to make collaborative robots smarter.

Perception towards robots is changing

Such developments show that perception towards robots is changing. The business professionals and even the other individuals now understand that it is not a dangerous technology, something often portrayed by sci-fi flicks. They are also realizing that a robot doesn’t just refer to a machine that looks like a human and does the vacuuming and other household tasks. Even if an industrial unit is using an automated arm that comes with rotary joints, then it is considered a robot. Similarly, you can also classify a self-driving car under the category of robots.

                                                                        "Robots will play an important role in providing physical assistance and even companionship for the elderly."

                                                                                                                                                                  (Bill Gates)

Investors are taking it seriously

A few years ago, the big investors were reluctant when it came to investing in robotics. They felt that the technology is still in its infancy and will take some time for mainstream applications. But the things have changed now. More and more money in the robotics is coming from the big names of the investment world. In 2017, Japan-based Softbank acquired robotics firm Boston Dynamics. Also, the findings of GlobalData, a renowned analytics firm were surprising. They reported that robotics-related companies have highest investor interest when compared with other emerging technologies. The number of venture capital investors per the number of ideas funded is 2.93. Well, the numbers say it all. You won’t be having troubles if you are seeking players to invest in your innovative idea related to this domain.

It’s easier to build the prototypes

The advent of 3D printing and other prototyping technologies has made it easier and more economical to build the prototypes. Gone are those days when it took almost a year for building a prototype and approved. An advantage of using 3D printing is that the makers can deploy fibre-reinforced materials and high-strength plastic, which come with properties like dimensional stability, chemical & abrasion resistance, toughness, and high strength to weight. While designing a robot, it is possible to take a pause during the phase of parts designing to make necessary changes and then resume the printing.


The interest of the students towards robots is increasing

We have discussed above that the students search for robotics training in the different regions of India. This means there won’t be a dearth of skilled professionals who are well-versed in different aspects of designing and operating robots. And it is a proven fact that a team of adept professionals is a prerequisite to take the company to new heights. The makers of robotic toys also design their products to boost the learning of the students.

People will actually buy the robots

There are two factors that answer the ‘why’ to this statement. First, the people are getting accustomed to the smart technology. Even the rural population finds it quite comfortable to use the technology like a smartphone, which earlier looked a bit intimidating. Coming to the second factor, the prices of the robotic technologies have gone down drastically and it is reducing with new and smart ways to design the robots (like the 3D prototyping we have discussed above). This means it won’t cost an arm and a leg for the masses to buy the robots.


Put simply, the path to success is ready. An individual just needs the right vehicle (a good robotics-related idea) to reach the destination (becoming the first trillionaire). And it all begins with understanding what goes on behind the designing and operation of the robots. Here, at NeoRobos, we are making it possible with our robotics training in Delhi for the students from elementary classes to senior secondary level. From our classes in schools to training in our own academy, there are various platforms through which are working to boost the robotics-related education.

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