Software Oriented

We, at NeoRobos, understand that computational thinking and computer science are necessities in this technologically-driven world. Through our software-oriented robotic courses in India, we strive to sharpen the logical thinking ability of the students and prepare them for advanced coding and robotics.

By using robotics kits like Lego Wedo, the students also acquire numerous skills such as algorithm design, creativity, and various mathematical concepts. We also teach how to break down a problem into tiny bits to solve it logically. It is a lifelong skill that students apply at every stage of their academic and professional life.

Salient Features of our robotics training in Delhi:

  • Utilization of latest robotic kits and updated programming software
  • The concepts are linked to real life examples for an in-depth understanding
  • The students are encouraged to experiment by attempting different possibilities
  • Focus on boosting the logical thinking ability and creativity of the students
  • A comprehensive assessment to track the performance  
  • Different levels of training to choose from: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced

These features have made us one of the renowned software-oriented robotic course academies in India.

We utilize the following kits for imparting software-oriented robotics courses.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and NXT

Age Group = 7+ years

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 and NXT kits that come with drag-and-drop programming environment simplify programming concepts like states, concurrency, and loops. Apart from helping the kids learn about the algorithms through a graphical interface, EV3 program from NeoRobos help in releasing the creative juices of the learners. By trying their hands on the sensors and other components, the students also learn to solve real-life problems.

Wedo 2.0

Age Group = 7+ years

This course is a stepping stone for a child who wants to learn how a robot operates. The use of Lego bricks ensures there is no dearth of fun while using the kit. A drag-and-drop interface for programming for controlling the sensors introduces the kids to the basic programming. The use of simple machines like pulleys reinforces the Physics-based concepts. The mathematical concepts are also explained vividly while building and operating the model.

Makeblock mBot

Age Group = 8+ years

This kit helps the students attain the thought process of a programmer. The students learn the basics of line-follower, obstacle avoidance and remote control using mBot Robot kit. By combining it with LEGO parts, the students can build more interesting designs. The mBot kit is based on an Arduino microcontroller, through which learning about electronic modules becomes a piece of cake.


Age Group = 8+ years

We bring STEM lessons to life by using VEX IQ in our robotics courses. By acquiring basic programming skills using this kit, the transition to the world of programming languages like C++ does not remain a challenge anymore.

The best part about this kit is that it’s accessible, fun and easy-to-use.


Age Group = 6+ years

The Abilix robotic kits make the programming simple and enticing with their futuristic design and ease of use. This six-side-attachable kit intrigues the learners and maximizes their creativity. The students love to operate this kit with a smartphone or a tablet.

Sphero SPRK+

Age Group = 4+ years

As there are no building components with this robotics kit, operating it is a breeze. While using this kit, the students can completely focus on the programming part of it. For small kids, it is an ideal educational tool to learn about direction and coordinates.

Beebot and Probot

Age Group: Beebot = 3+ years, Probot = 8+ years

Robotic toys like Beebot and Probot are the best tools to acquaint the kids with the world of coding. These toys require the kids to just press buttons physically in a sequential manner to observe the results. We believe there isn’t any easier way to make the students familiar with this domain.

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