We offer STEAM-based training at our Academy in the form of weekend classes, summer camps and regular training.

At our STEAM LAB, we have carefully designed the curriculum to teach the essential concepts by using educational kits, videos and PowerPoint presentations. The trainers also encourage students to solve several questions based on the topic being covered.

To make the students become socially aware, we ask them to develop models that are focused on solving some daily-life issues and other crucial concepts like disaster management.
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) is a learning approach NeoRobos utilizes for the overall development of a child. By integrating all the elements of STEAM, we aim to instill an innovative mindset among the students.

Through this approach, the students learn to think systematically while solving a problem. They come up with creative solutions by collaborating with other students.
While teaching STEAM concepts, we incorporate the 4C approach in every lesson. The 4C approach is centered on Connection, Construction, Contemplation and Continuation. The 4Cs are:-

  • Connect - We connect and familiarize the kids with the concept by making use of something that they see in their day to day life. Inputs are taken from the kids to involve them in this procedure.
  • Construct - To further elaborate on the concept, kids are provided with the educational kits to construct the models individually or in the groups.
  • Contemplate - Once the model has been constructed, probing questions are asked to clarify the concept that has been introduced. The model is used to better explain the concept and answer all the questions raised by the kids.
  • Continue - Once the concepts are cleared, the kids are then given a task to further deepen their knowledge by either discussing it with their parents or friends or by performing simple activities after school. We use a variety of kits that are aimed at developing different skill sets of the kids. These kits include:

Soft bricks

'Soft bricks' is a kit of colorful, curved elements that are made up of flexible materials. These bricks help the kids develop gross motor skills and spatial awareness. Owing to their large size and softness, they are totally safe to play with.

Duplos XL

These brightly-colored LEGO bricks can be used to create models of buildings, vehicles and other structures. There are endless options for role-playing and building with this set. Using this kit, we teach the kids about environment, emotions and numerical system. The kids also enhance their hand-eye coordination and motor skills using this kit.


Bee-Bots are designed to teach the kids directionality, planning, sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving. The kids love watching this bee-shaped bot move as per the instructions given using the buttons on its back.


This car-shaped robot is an excellent tool to introduce the concepts of programming and robotics. Based on Logo language, this robotic toy is used to teach about geometrical shapes and directions.

Early Simple Machines

Through hands-on activities on this kit, the students learn the basic science concepts by building colorful models. We use this kit to teach about the working and construction of levers, gears, wheels, pulleys, and other simple machines.

Simple Machines

The use of this kit ensures the students investigate and understand the operation of simple and compound machines found in everyday life. The students discover mechanical principles by the use of working models and also learn about energy, balance, buoyancy, and much more.

Simple and Powered Machines

This kit helps the students explore design engineering with advanced mechanisms, forces and structures. The concepts like measurement, structure, energy, motion, and force are learned through by constructing different models rather than just by reading the content written in the book

Snap Circuits

It's an electronic kit that helps in offering a strong grounding in electronics and electricity. From learning the role and function of resistors and transistors to the concepts of Ohm’s law, there are various things a students can learn by working on this kit.


The students explore myriad science concepts with the help of Mechanzo robotic kits. Apart from building a strong foundation in robotics and programming, this course facilitates experiential learning related to motion, work, energy and other rudimentary topics.

We have two separate programs based on the age group of the learners:

  • Five-plus years – This is an elementary program that involves the use of the motors, remote control, construction and working of steering car and superbike.
  • Nine-plus years - This is an advanced program that combines the basics of the elementary program with block programming, construction and programming of simple robots and robotic arms.


With a Lego Mindstorms EV3, the students learn to form simple robots that can be operated using a programmable brick. We also teach the working of robots using a programming interface by connecting the robots with a computer.


A Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit is the most efficient and convenient way to encourage the kids to learn the basics of robotics. It encourages the kids to learn, think, experiment, and most importantly, create something marvelous. The block programming is also a perfect way to introduce the kids to the world of programming.