The dawn of the automation is upon us. It’s high time we prepare our kids for this dynamic technology.

We, at NeoRobos, are trying to bring a paradigm shift regarding technology-related education. It is our mission to empower an entire generation of learners to create state-of-the-art technologies that will enhance the quality of life.

Robotics is one major branch of technology that’s full of countless possibilities. It is actually a portal through which the students can choose their passion. They can make a promising career as a programmer, 3D printing expert, electronics engineer, biomedical engineer and of course, a robotics engineer. There’s even a possibility that a learner ventures into a million-dollar startup that revolves around robotics.

The curriculum's of our robotics programs also help the students acquire additional skills like self-confidence, cooperation, creativity, teamwork and innovation.

Our robotics programs are divided into two major categories:

We deliver training related to various hardware systems like Raspberry Pi under our hardware-oriented robotic courses offered in India.

The hands-on learning from these courses prepares you to develop complicated systems that have an array of applications in different walks of life. There are numerous projects that have been already developed using these hardware systems and more are being developed even as we speak. These hardware boards are like a hand that can shape our imagination.

Under the category of software oriented-robotic courses, the focus is more on giving the students a feel of what actually entails programming a bot using graphical programming environment. This basically challenges a student’s logical thinking skills and helps them command a bot without going into details of their inner workings.