Top benefits of getting a STEM Education Franchise in India

Buying a franchise is always considered one of the wisest approaches to business. With so many different industries to choose from, it can be confusing to select the one that can reap maximum returns. One can consider the domain of STEM education for the franchise, as it is expected to change the face of the education system in India soon.

Through this blog post, we discussed the advantages of a franchise from STEM education sector in India.

We have divided the benefits into two sections. The first section describes the benefits of taking a STEM franchise, whereas the second section focuses on the advantages of becoming a franchisee, in general.

STEM education franchise: Opportunities & Advantages

Tie-ups with schools

As the schools are now realizing the role of the STEM in education, a lot of them are now integrating the topics and concepts in their curriculum. This is an opportunity for franchisees that can approach the schools with a STEM training program for embedding it in the syllabus. You can also conduct workshops in the schools for additional learning. As a part of your services, organizing robotics or STEM competitions at intra-school or inter-school level is a good opportunity.

STEM Education Franchise in India

Training at the academy

The parents are taking more interest in interdisciplinary learning that involves Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics concepts because it gives their children an edge over others. The students can learn to programme through educational kits and other concepts of Science, Maths, and Engineering without finding them as a burden.

The kids involved in this training become more innovative than their counterparts. They are also able to enhance their soft skills, including communication, team work, leadership, and problem solving. This is something you can advertise while promoting the training session that will be conducted at your academy.

Most of the jobs will be from this field

The National Science Foundation predicted that around 80 percent of the jobs in the future will require the professionals to have science or maths skills. The proliferation of technologies like the Internet of Things, 3D Printing, robotics, and automation also reflects the increasing demand for a skilled workforce in the future. This clearly shows that training related to such technologies can be a good opportunity for entrepreneurs.

The competition is less

A lot of individuals who want to become an entrepreneur feel that almost every business comes with cutthroat competition. Education, in general, is also a competitive market in India. But if we are specifically talking about STEM education, the domain is newer than other industries, with few players in the market. This translates to the fact that you can get maximum returns without much struggle.

The domain is vast

Unlike other forms of educational programs and training, the STEM is extremely vast. It is possible to create countless modules and workshops to match the age group and interest of the students. Some commonly used educational kits and resources include Lego EV3, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and 3D printing, to name a few. You can add more kits and programs as per the changing scenario of this realm.

Universal benefits of becoming a franchisee

You need not begin from scratch

Starting a new business involves ideation, market research, and promotions. In fact, the most challenging stage is selecting a unique business idea related to the education or other amenities related to kids. You can cut down on these steps if you connect with an already established brand, such as NeoRobos. It is like getting a formula that has been already tested by the industry experts. This minimizes the risks that are often associated with the start-ups.

The continuous support

Running a business can be daunting, especially if you are doing it for the first time. The hurdles like market competition, financing, and quality have intimidated numerous business owners in the past. You need not worry about such obstacles if you have considered buying a franchise, as the franchisor will always be there to offer support. If you are specifically into technology or ed-tech sector, you will require technical support regularly, which is the responsibility of the franchisor.

You get total freedom

It is a common misconception that you get restricted when you are working as a franchisee. In reality, you are your own ‘Boss,’ which means you can mould your working style according to your needs and goals.

Less investment is required

As there is no need to do research on the business or splurge on the marketing and advertisements, you can save a lot of money. When you compare these expenses with the amount of purchasing a franchise, you will realize it is a profitable venture.

If you are interested to be a part of an ever-evolving network of STEM education in India, connect with us today by filling the form on our Franchise page: 



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