Top tips for choosing the best school for your child

There are a lot of stories of individuals who claim that they could have done something extraordinary in their life if they had received a formal education. Yes, that is the power of education. This shows how essential it is to select the right source of this formal education – The School – for your children.

With around 1.5 million schools in the country (Source: EY-FICCI Report 2014), it is daunting to choose the one that shapes your kid’s future. Almost every popular educational institution claims to offer the best in terms of education and other facilities, but you need to be cautious. After all, it is the matter of your child’s future.

To simplify this process for you, we have discussed some tips that will help you select the school your child deserves.

Take the feedback from others

If you have shortlisted some schools, connect with the parents of the children who are already enrolled in those schools. The first step is to read the reviews on Google for that specific school. This is extremely simple: Just type the name of the school, along with the location, in the Search bar of Google. On the right side of the results, you will see the reviews with other information. You can even join some groups on Facebook made specifically for the Indian parents. Or, simply search someone in your social circle whose students are admitted to the school you have in mind. 

Reliance on technology

In this era of information and technology, no one wants their children to lag behind. When you are going through the options, check how much dependent the schools are on technology. Are they using smart boards in their class? Is the school using an online tool to manage the records of the students? Do they use ICT products in the classes to enhance learning? The answers to these questions will tell how technologically sound the teaching system is.

Technology in schools

The use of the STEM approach in teaching

Gone are those days when the subjects like Math and Science were taught independently at the school level. The advent of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education has changed the dynamics of education. In such an approach, the teaching is done in such a manner that all these components of the STEM are interrelated. This means a particular topic is covered from the perspective of both Science and Mathematics, along with Engineering and Technology, wherever applicable. Such an approach opens up the child’s mind to the world of endless possibilities. Make sure the Indian school you are about to choose has integrated STEM education into their curriculum at some level.

STEM education in Indian schools

Student-teacher ratio

We often ignore this factor when it comes to examining the features of a specific school. A lot of schools offer good amenities, but their classes are stuffed with children. In such cases, the teachers fail to offer personalized attention to every student. The ability to assess the performance of every pupil also diminishes in such cases. A majority of students hesitate to ask questions related to a topic. Keeping these challenges in mind, it is crucial that you select an institution with a medium student-teacher ratio.

Optimum student teacher ratio in schools

Location and transportation

This is another consideration you can’t ignore. Try to register your kid in a school that’s not too far from your home. In case you have selected a prestigious school situated miles away, make sure the transportation facility is efficient. The students should be at ease during transit. Or else, he/she won’t feel active for the rest of the day. 

Safety in Indian school buses

Safety measures

With numerous cases revolving around the violence against children in Indian schools, you simply can’t ignore the safety aspect. Are there CCTVs installed in the school premises? Is there enough staff to ensure the safety of the students in the library, laboratory, computer rooms, school transport, and other regions of the school? Does school conduct a background check of the staff? Is there an efficient visitor management system? The answer to these questions will ensure your kids are safe in the premises of the school.

Proper safety in Indian schools

Extracurricular activities

The curriculum builds knowledge, but it’s the extracurricular activities that build personality. Through such activities, the students get a chance to connect with other students and learn to work in a team. Also, the break they get from their busy schedule is always productive. Well, who knows, such activities might help your child identify his/her passion. This is why the school you are choosing must have a balance of academic studies and extracurricular activities. This information is often present on the website or information catalogue/brochure of the school.


We believe that proper due diligence by keeping the above the factors in mind will ensure your child gets full chance to develop his/her personality and, at the same time, acquire relevant knowledge that makes him/her a successful professional later in life.

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