What you should know about the executive functioning skills

In simple words, executive functions enable the individuals to organize, plan and finish their tasks. Due to lack of awareness among parents and teachers, these skills aren’t focused upon when it comes to the development of a child.

With executive functioning skills, a kid is able to:

  • Pay attention
  • Regulate emotions
  • Initiate tasks and continue to remain focused on them
  • Organize and plan things
  • Keep a track of what he/she is doing

It is crucial to focus on such skills, as a child starts facing issues if the executive functioning remains underdeveloped. The child finds it complicated to plan and manage time. You might also notice a behaviour involving difficulty to control the impulse when frustrated. The habit of losing things frequently might also signal the lack of executive functioning skills. These abilities are also vital if your child wants to make a career in the field of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

To avoid such possibilities, the teachers and the parents must follow these tips:

Let the children explore the environment around them

The major motive is to enhance their experience by learning new things from the world around them. Such an approach also proves to be responsible for enriching the learners emotionally.

Promote socialization

A young child learns to solve the problems, set boundaries, and share things and feelings if he/she socializes with others. They also learn to express the emotions properly. Encourage them to socialize with their peers, other adults, and of course, you.

Ensure learning is experiential

This can be made possible by buying them educational kits that engages the emotional skills. Various STEM training centres and educational institutions also rely on such kits. There are also several board games to stimulate the brain for developing the emotions and emotional expression.

Encourage block play

This is can be considered an extension of the above point but we are mentioning it separately because of a recent research conducted on it. The semi-structured block play helps improving executive functioning and math skills among preschoolers.  This was reported by Purdue University’s human development and family studies department.  It was also reported that the students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds could benefit the most.

Set a routine for them

It should come as a no-brainer that encouraging the children to follow a routine helps making them more organized. They also learn to manage their time and minimize the wastage. Such practice proves to be helpful in building constructive habits.

Make sure the ambience at home is free of distractions

When we hear the word ‘distraction,’ we often relate it to the challenge while doing homework. You also need to ensure that the environment is quiet when your child is playing or simply relaxing. For this purpose, discuss the role of tranquillity with each member of the house.

Be a role model

If you are a parent or a teacher, you might be aware of the fact that children learn by observing the elders around them. This is the reason you must adopt and reflect emotional self-management. Continuous improvement is also crucial from your end.

Give him/her your full attention

In the midst of the busy life, it often becomes challenging to give your child the attention he/she needs and deserves. Practice engaged listening so that your child realizes that you are fully attentive. For this purpose, make eye contact and avoid distractions when your kid is talking.

We hope that this information will help you develop your child’s executive skills better. Keep checking this space for more updates from the world of classroom learning, STEM education & career, technology and child’s psychological development. 


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