Through our STEAM and robotics workshops in different schools of India, we intend to offer various skills in a span of ten days or less. The use of educational robotic systems, electronic kits, and educational LEGO kits ensures experiential learning without any scope of confusion. Various individuals also attend our one-day or three-day STEAM and robotics workshops to learn the basics of a particular topic.

For Teachers

The teachers can attend our workshop to reinforce their concepts of Science and Mathematics. This empowers them to offer the classes in an easier and more confident manner. The teachers can ask as many questions as they want related to the educational kits or the concepts being taught.

For Students

The students can have an in-depth understanding of the topics in their curriculum through hands-on training offered in the workshops. Through these workshops, they can learn about the concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and other advanced topics.

For Hobbyists and Tinkerers

The tinkerers and hobbyists who want to learn the ins and outs of electronics systems, microcontrollers and robots can connect with us for workshops. They can also attend the workshop to explore all the possibilities related to a particular electronics system they are working on. We offer workshops on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LEGO EV3 kit, and several robotic systems.

Contact us today for fees, schedule, and curriculum of these workshops.